Mirovings Knot A. Naumkin Bi-Frame N. Nikolaeva

“The Mirovinga Knot” is one of the devices that, according to A. Naumkin’s idea (not scientifically proven), is believed to protect the owner from the evil eye, hexes, curses, and love spells, and has a beneficial effect on a person. There is a lot of information on this topic on the Internet, search for “Gifts of Mirovinga.”

Mirovings Knot (U.M.) is not taken seriously in the future because it was initially associated with a lot of incomprehensible, mysterious, and unscientific aspects when it first emerged. We should express our gratitude to Alexander Naumkin, who opened our eyes to the existence of things beyond human understanding. And of course, Gennady Vasilyevich Nikolaev, who discovered the scalar magnetic field (SMF) in his works, thereby enabling us to finally comprehend electrical processes.

Unfortunately, there are currently more skeptics than individuals who have delved into this topic. But don’t worry, this article will not contain formulas and calculations. I will simply draw your attention to certain aspects that appeared strange and mysterious to me at first glance.

As you all know, I created the first U.M. in 2015. This topic intuitively captivated me, and Ajahn Naumkin taught me how to assemble this device. I believe he had a hard time with me, but I persisted and made an effort to understand everything he told me, mostly related to the assembly technology of the device.

And then, eight years later (symbolically), on a beautiful day, it dawned on me that the Mirovings Knot is the Bi-Frame by Nikolaeva. That’s when I began to study the properties of the Mirovings Knot in more detail, as I was familiar with Nikolaeva’s work not just through hearsay but through my own research and experiments. I immediately realized where all the zones of bio-wave radiation are located in the U.M.

Bi-Frame N. Nikolaeva

The Mirovings Knot is a source of longitudinal waves.

Now that you know that the U.M. emits longitudinal waves, it’s time to show you the zones of longitudinal wave radiation. As you may have guessed, the bio-wave is emitted from the center of the U.M.

Let’s not delve into details and move on. If we recall my initial notes, it now becomes clear why the Mirovings Knot has such an impact on plant seeds. The U.M. captures relic radiation (relic radiation is a phenomenon of cosmic microwave background radiation) and transforms it into longitudinal bio-waves. That’s roughly how we can describe the operation of the U.M. Now, we just have to wait for researchers to delve into this question more closely, as it has the potential to lead us to fundamental knowledge and understanding of human nature.

In this brief article, I would like to say a few words about how little we know about harnessing the forces of nature. Our ancestors possessed knowledge about the subtle realms of good and evil that surround us and how to protect oneself from malevolent spirits while maintaining peace and harmony.

It is worth mentioning that the use of such U.M. devices results in a stable and pronounced effect, including pain and migraine relief, as well as alleviation of sleepiness, irritability, and stress, leading to a clearer state of consciousness.

The U.M. is considered to be one of the devices that, in theory (scientifically unproven), protects the owner from the evil eye, curses, hexes, and love spells.

These devices can be made from various materials. In this particular device, PLA plastic with added wood is used. It is recommended to fill each talisman with poppy seeds to enhance its effects.

However, it is important to remember that the most significant factor is the individual and their lifestyle. It is crucial to take care of one’s health, cultivate consciousness, and the U.M. will serve as a faithful companion in your life.

Protective casing